restore your marriage


save your marriage

live in love

build a legacy



They feel frustrated, overwhelmed & lonely, but can't figure out how to get back to what they once had.

Staying married shouldn't be so hard.

save your marriage

The road you've been walking down doesn't have to end in divorce.

live in love

You can get back to the happiness & passion that you once had.

leave a legacy

Break the cycle of divorce while building a strong & vibrant marriage.

build a legacy of love

that's worth passing down to your children

it's time to fight for your marriage!

Hi! I'm Becki Johnson.

After marrying my high school sweetheart at the ripe old age of 18, I quickly learned that marriage didn't look anything like those fairytales I grew up on.

Over 20 years later, our marriage has survived military deployments, infidelity, failed businesses, bankruptcy, over 25 moves, and even the ministry. 

While we were taught that divorce was always an option - maybe even an easier one - we learned that we can overcome even the darkest valleys and build a marriage that others believe they can only dream about.

Today I offer a pathway to help couples break through their communication barriers so they can build lifelong marriages where they feel happy, loved, and secure. 

how can I help?


If you are looking for 1-on-1 support, I offer Private Coaching designed to help you turn your life around and begin creating the marriage you've always dreamed of. We can tailor a package around your budget & unique needs.

marriage restoration program

The Marriage Restoration Program is designed for couples. In this series of appointments, you will sort through many of the common issues couples face, such as communication, conflict, intimacy, roles, forgiveness, trust, & boundaries.

private marriage retreat

For a deeper, more intense experience that you'll never forget, the Private Marriage Retreat will help you transform your marriage from the inside out.

getting started is easy!


select a convenient time to meet

My easy-to-use calendar lets you pick a time that's convenient for you and your spouse.

During this call, we will build a customized path toward building the life you want.


follow your customized plan

Once we build your customized path, I will walk with you and help you take each step forward.

You aren't alone in this journey.


restore your marriage to better than new

When you follow the step-by-step path that we've created, you can build the marriage you've always dreamed of.

It will be work & it will take time. 

But a healthy, happy marriage is more than possible.

stop fighting the same fight over and over again.

you deserve a marriage full of love & laughter!

It might seem like there's no hope for your marriage and that you're the only one even interested in trying to saving it. But there is hope. I believe that with a healthy balance of forgiveness and personal responsibility, anything is possible.

This investment in your marriage could be one of the best decisions you ever make for the future of your family. Every marriage can benefit from an outside perspective and someone to coach them forward. Let's get started.

reconnect with your spouse!

We all want that up-all-night chatting about everything relationship that we had when we were falling in love with our spouse. But between kids, a mortgage, and way too many hours on the job, we have lost our connection.

In this free workbook, I help you and your spouse reconnect & grow closer. 

Through specific questions and talking points, I help you get back to the connection you once had and get that conversation rolling again.

The turnaround point in your marriage just might be one conversation away.