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let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfector of our faith.

Hebrews 12:1-2

Hi! I'm becki

I have a passion for helping Christian women thrive in the life God has called them to. 

Unfortunately, most of the women I see today are doing good just to barely get by. They have completely lost their enthusiasm for life. They spend their days running on empty.

They don't even realize that life can be any different.

That's why I do what I do. To show my fellow sisters in Christ that this life doesn't have to be so complicated.

Join me as we embark on a mission to fill our lives with faith, laughter, and simplicity.

MeLisa Dill | Client Testimonial | Becki Johnson

I was a new entrepreneur discovering my way around the online world.  And you know how it is when you first get started, you have that drive and desire to succeed but then there is this gut wrenching fear.  Fear of failure, fear of letting my family down, fear of the unknown and sometimes even fear of success, what it all means or what it will look like.  

I made the leap and quit my 9-5 to go full throttle into my business, I was bold with a promise from the Lord, this was going to be my “thing.”  I started taking courses and making good forward steps feeling confident in my business, but there was one element missing….I didn’t have clients.  No financial income!  We were in the middle of building our new home and having my income was not just a good idea, it was a necessity!  So under that pressure, I caved!

My fear took over even though I had the skills to make it work.  I took a part time job to supplement our income.  So there I was working my part-time, coming home taking care of 4 kids, a husband, a household and having SO MANY sleepless nights working on my business!  I can tell you I was stressed!

Enter Becki.

I had heard about the benefits of having a coach and thought sure that would be nice, but is it really worth it? I am here to tell you yes!  I am SO Thankful for my coaching time with her. My very first session she was able to make a huge breakthrough in my business mindset.  The FIRST one!

Now I don’t know if that happens with everyone and maybe not.  But what I can tell you is that Becki knows what she is doing! She has an effortless ability to get to the root of the issue.  My conversations with her are always full of inspiration and empowerment.

They are fun, enlightening and she is real with you, not stuffy or intimidating.  It boggles my mind how she knows so much, lol!

It’s 3 months later and I’m about to bring on my 6th client!  I’m not going to tell you I have no more fear, I think a little is always good, but I’m not a prisoner of it-I am free.  I know this is going to sound so cliche, but it’s just true…I know without a shadow of a doubt, I am where I am in my business because of Becki!

meLisa Dill

Chief Operations Officer | The Virtual Savvy

Becki Johnson | Christian Coach | Biblical Truths Refreshing Perspectives | Testimonials

After working with Becki, I know without a doubt that I CAN do the things I need to do, and I know where and how to start. When old feelings of overwhelmedness creep in, I now have tools that I can use to combat that feeling and get back on top. 

The feelings of guilt for not being able to get it all done in one day no longer haunt me, I am able to focus on one task, finish it, and move on to the next. That, for me, is priceless!

sally r.

Becki Johnson | Christian Coach | Biblical Truths Refreshing Perspectives | Testimonials

It has been a huge blessing to have Becki as my life coach. She truly has listened to my needs and has given me a new perspective in life. Becki has helped me embrace the gifts God has given me and use them for his glory.

I used to feel so afraid to grow and step out of my comfort zone but after working with Becki I have control over my fears and doubts and I have confidence that I am equipped with everything I need to conquer them.

Thank you for teaching me to love myself and love the life that includes every struggle I have had and will have. You are a blessing in my life!!

cynthia c.

Becki Johnson | Christian Coach | Biblical Truths Refreshing Perspectives | Testimonials

Becki is an excellent Coach. She has a natural talent for helping individuals identify and work toward their goals. She is incredibly motivating and supportive. 

After every conversation with Becki, I feel uplifted, empowered, and ready to tackle the challenges ahead of me, and I even have a plan for HOW to tackle those challenges.

If you are considering working with Becki, stop considering. Contact her! You have nothing to lose (except self-doubt) and so much to gain!

karen l.

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