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You are in the right place...

  • As a mom, you're usually the go-to person for everyone in your house. "Mom, momma, mommy..." This often leaves you at the end of the day feeling like you have nothing left to give and all you want to do is crash into bed and hide under the covers until everyone is off to college. 
  • We've heard it said a thousand times, "We all get the same 24 hours in a day." But for whatever reason, your 24 hours seems to disappear faster than an ice cube in the desert sand. Clearly, there's a time-thief running around. 
  • Because you're the go-to person in your family, you are often responsible for balancing all the things! Groceries, cleaning, carpool, sports, school activities, luncheons.... oh my! You spend all day bouncing back and forth putting out one fire after another. There's no control, only chaos.  

I feel your pain!

I know exactly how you feel because I've been there too. But I'm living proof that you don't have to stay there

Over the years, I've discovered some amazing strategies for moms, just like you and me, to get organized, get productive, and get stuff done -- without feeling stressed & overwhelmed.

In this search for peaceful productivity, I created systems and tools to help me get there and stay there.

I want to share some of my favorites with you.

...and I want to give them to you absolutely free

Here are just a few of the tools that you will have immediate access to as a member of MasterMom Essentials.

​​​​the ultimate productivity formula for moms

Have you ever wanted someone to follow you around all day and tell you just what you needed to do to make life 1000x simpler? Well, I can't do that, but I did make a tool that is the next best thing.

The Ultimate Productivity Formula for Moms is a completely custom tool that walks you through the detailed steps you need to take to finally get control of your time.

Yup. It's included for freeeeee. 

​​​The ultimate Mastermom daily Planner

If you've been looking for the perfect planner, you can go ahead and stop now. You've found it.


Seriously, you are going to love this thing. It has it all! From your scheduling your day-to-day life, keeping track of your tasks, meal planning, developing healthy habits, targeting the areas of your life you want to improve... and so.much.more! 

This too is completely free for members of MasterMom Essentials.

MasterMom Daily Planner | Becki Johnson | Daily Planner for moms

Daily diligence | Bible Reading Plan

One of the key components to live a life that honors God is knowing His word. 

As you begin to create a more structured, organized day, incorporating the Daily Diligence Bible Reading Plan will help you to also write God's word on your heart. 

This plan walks you through the Old & New Testaments while incorporating a bit of Psalms & Proverbs every single day. 

Plus, it's a printable, so you can easily print it and tuck it into the back of your Bible for distraction-free reading.

You are going to love this plan! 

In MasterMom Essentials, you are going to...

Get Equipped

We have some amazing tools and resources developed specifically for women just like you who want to live a life that honors God right where they are -- in the middle of the laundry and dishes and the carpool lane.

Get Support

You are not alone in this fight. We are building a focused and intentional community full of women just like you. Here, you will find the amazing support and encouragement you need to make it over the hurdles that we all encounter. 

Get Stuff Done

Finally put an end to all the spinning you've been doing since half-past forever. Together, we can finally conquer that never-ending to-do list once and for all. Clearing that is going to allow for you to focus on the mission that God has for your life. 

you don't have to waste one more minute

MasterMom Essentials was created with you and your struggles in mind. I want you to feel equipped and encouraged  as you take the steps God is calling you to right now. 

You weren't meant to live a life of stress and chaos.

You were made to thrive and to do what HE is calling you to do. 

You are ready for this!

MasterMom Essentials is just what you need to take the next step toward peace & productivity.

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